Words Out Of My Daughter's Mouth.

One of the many great things about being the parent of a toddler is that life is never, ever boring. Tots are a form of daily entertainment and it usually has to do with the bizarre things that come out of their mouths. Take my 3 and a half year old daughter Emily for example. She said two things today that made us stop in our tracks and question her thought process. The first was rather humorous. She was letting out a series of farts and in the midst of her gas blasts she says..."It sounds like balloons popping." 

Awesome. Just an awesome analogy. I respect her deep thoughts on what her farts remind her of and I will continue to urge this type of self expression.

The other thing wasn't so funny. So, as she was taking a bath and immersed in a sea of Mr. Bubbles she says..."Imagine if I walked into the street and a car hit me and then I was dead?" 

What on earth!?

So, today we laughed, learned and questioned the information that our kid picks up on. Just another day of parenting. 

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