What are we looking forward to?

Last night, after crafting supplies, puzzles, and the random trail of toys were put away and the girls were tucked into their quarantine nests, something huge dawned on me...

I found myself checking things off in my head, viewing my mental calendar for the next day, which happened to be a Wednesday. This used to be the day that Charlotte and I would spend together. We’d go to the YMCA, do a mommy and me gymnastics class, then have our weekly chocolate chip muffin in the café, followed by errands and a nap. Then, we’d pick up Emily from school and head back to the Y for her gymnastics class. Like a markerboard, my daily routine has been erased completely. No school, no sports, no chocolate chip muffins.

To think of a life free of any of these outings is daunting. I like being on the go, and I get incredible satisfaction when checking things off a to-do list. My husband and I even argue over who gets to actually slice the pen line through items upon completion. As they say, "busy hands are happy hands," right?

The thought of having to be confined to the home for months has me a tad panicked, to say the least. I love a good group activity and don't even get me started on celebratory events. Even a conversation with a stranger on the street puts some pep in my step. Like everything else in the world, a good friend's wedding got canceled and she has to wait another four months at least, to tie the knot. It was scheduled for April and now it's postponed until August. One silver lining in all of this is the fact that I have four more months to perfect ripped arms to flaunt in my bridesmaid's dress. Always a goal, never really an actual accomplishment.

Silver lining for today?

I haven't worn makeup in seven days, so I'm headed toward a future of clear skin.

Dog walks. While we may have thrown out our daily calendars, there is one thing that will always be on my daily to-do list. A walk with this piece of beef...

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