The Bridge to Parenting Two Children.

Don't be alarmed...Charlotte really does like her big sis, sometimes she just feels a bit overwhelmed by her larger than life presence.

It happened. My almost 4-year-old daughter Emily, has finally started to accept her baby sister, Charlotte. It was a rough few months but after making it abundantly clear that we weren't sending Charlotte back to the hospital and that her sister would be a permanent fixture in her life, Emily has grown to love her. I imagine this is the first of many ups and downs in their sisterly relationship, but I feel success with this little milestone. 

The transition from one to two children was harder than I had thought. It took awhile to achieve the balance that would allow us to tend to Emily's needs and answer her multitude of daily toddler questions while also juggling Charlotte's basic baby needs like...eating, rocking and changing diapers. 

So, to sum up how these two feel about each other is a photo...

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