Life Lessons You Can Learn During a Blizzard.

When I was a kid, there was nothing better than a snow day. Anyone who lived in New England as a child can relate to the anticipation of sitting by the television waiting to see your school listed on the long scroll of delays and cancellations. Nowadays...word travels a little faster. The decision makers simply post it on social media, usual the night before and it spreads from lip to ear like wildfire. 

I work from home everyday so when my daughter sees my face upon waking up, she's not all that excited. But, today daddy was working from home and she was thrilled to see him when she stumbled down the stairs in her footie pajamas, wiping the sleep from her eyes. 

But, it wasn't all glamour for the little girl. She had to learn a few lessons today. For starters she had to learn how to entertain herself for quite some time. This meant destroying our house, but hey...we managed to get the job done. 

She also learned how to work the remote and the DVD player, because we all know that countless hours of television is the key to proper parenting. ;) Don't judge...nobody's perfect. 

Daddy and mommy learned a valuable lesson too...weathermen are not always on point. The predicted 12-18 inches turned out to be three inches of snow followed by a whole lotta rain. 

Here is a summary of the valuable life lessons that Emily learned during today's storm...

Improvise! When you don't have a real princess throne...make one out of a Costco box.

Patience! Yeah, it's tough to wait for things but it was well worth it to taste those delicious brownies after they cooked for 50 minutes

Create! When we run out of store bought items, it's easy to make our own.

Gratitude! We gave half of our brownies to the DPW guys who plowed out the private terrace.

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