Let's share our kids' artwork

Okay, so my title may have been deceiving. I don't want to see little Johnny's first drawing of a house or little Susie's version of her family. I want to see where your kids decided to PUT their artwork. 

Let me show you an example of what I'm talking about...

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm beyond joyful that Emily loves her Pops, and I love the guy too. But, I don't need a reminder of my dad in green marker every time I decide to relax in my living room.

This, like all mischievous incidents, happened one afternoon last week while Emily was being extremely quiet. I thought she was coloring in one of her Little Mermaid coloring books, but instead, she was tagging our furniture with her grandfather's term of endearment. 

And the devious artist knew that she was wrong the second I walked into the room. Naturally, my eyes automatically diverted to the dark green print on the coffee table and she knew. In fact, she is so in-tune with her emotions that she predicts them, and she ran out of the room in tears before I could even say anything. "You're mad at me," she said from her perch at the bottom of the stairs. 

Long story short...if this ever happens, don't be alarmed. A magic eraser will do the trick. Moments after the incident, I sent out a panicked text to my mom tribe, and it turns out they were right...a magic eraser is magical.

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