Dog Barks and Breath in an Uncertain World

Remember when you could just roll out of bed, hit the gym and go to work or tend to your daily parenting duties? It’s hard to believe those days are temporarily over, and with such an abrupt halt. We didn’t even have time to stock up on the infamous toilet paper or crafts to keep the kids busy.

The first few days of social distancing involved a lot of ups and downs for our family of four. With little warning, my husband and I were forced to set up shop in the house, both trying to work, raise and educate two kids, and get in some form of daily exercise. I’m sure most kids responded the same way as my kindergartner did when we first heard the news that schools were closed for three weeks. It was like she had just woken up to see three feet of snow outside her bedroom window and news of an extended snow day. Emily was psyched! My almost three-year old daughter, Charlotte, didn’t react all that much to the news that she’d be out of part-time preschool, except to follow the excited screeches of her big sister.

Day one and day two consisted of a lot of snuggling, crafting, and an attempt at some form of a homeschooling schedule. It didn’t take me long to realize it’s impossible to predict mood swings during this bazaar time, so we tossed the schedule out the window and decided to fly by the seat of our pants.

By day four and five, I had thought that maybe I was on the verge of losing it. I was weighed down with trying to come up with ideas for how to keep these two energetic kids entertained while also slightly depressed about the uncertain future. And quite frankly I was burnt out from the hundreds of “Mommy I need this and mommy I need that,” demands. I started to really long for adult interaction but Facebook was too whiney a platform to find any source of connection. Instagram on the other hand, offered images of hope and humorous snippets of this crazy life that parents, workers, and children are all in together.

During one of Emily's bouts of frustration over not being able to play with her pals, she shouted...

“I wish Barnacle would bark so loud it would scare the sickness away!”

The funny part about this exclamation is that my husband and I had been talking about how horrendous Barnacle's breath is and we joked that if he simply stood at the border of our town and breathed heavily, the virus would be killed off and wouldn't stand a chance at infecting anyone in Marblehead. True story.

What weird things have your kids said?

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