Barnacle the hero dog

You read the title right. Barnacle saved Charlotte's life. Okay, so I tend to be a bit overdramatic when I recite stories, but he definitely played a role in preventing her from a major catastrophe. 

It all happened while Emily and I were coloring on the living room floor. Charlotte was sitting on the blanket that we were coloring on, and she was going about her business playing with a collection of toys that she had accumulated...a small play cooking pot that belonged to Emily, her Sofia giraffe, and a couple of noisy rattles. 

And then, completely out of the blue, Barnacle charges toward baby Charlotte. He went straight for her mouth licking her lips and forcing himself on her like she was a T-bone steak. I pushed him off of her, annoyed at what I thought was going to be another drooly mess. But, that mess turned out to be for a good cause. Charlotte parted her mouth slightly to bite a toy, and I saw a shiny speck inside. I opened her mouth to find a penny resting on her tongue. 

So, yes, I am officially calling Barnacle a "hero dog." Had he not come racing over like that, I'd have never known that my girl had somehow managed to get a penny in her mouth. 

And as far as where the penny came from. I have no idea. But I do know that Barnacle's senses kicked into high gear when he came charging toward us. 

Baxter would be proud.

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