Crafting and Corona

Never in a million years did I imagine our world would be faced with a pandemic. That was for prior generations to battle…something that our ancestors had to deal with and something our healthcare and government system had learned from. I had only seen it in pictures in the past. Black and white photos of gaunt bodies tucked under blankets in a row of hospital beds, their faces begging to be saved.

I remember asking why my now-80-year-old uncle had a limp. It was explained to me that he was a victim of the polio epidemic, which caused 27,000 cases and 6,000 deaths in the United States, up until 1954, when the Salk vaccine was developed. As the oldest brother of his five siblings, my uncle was infected with polio at the age of three. The first thing that came to mind when I heard of his diagnosis from so many years ago, was that he was old. Sound naïve? I was.

Up until five days ago, I held onto the notion that my life, nor my children’s lives would be interrupted and greatly impacted by a deadly virus. Before five days ago I took advantage of a simple trip to the park, a night out on the town, and that joy that comes with picking your kid up from school and seeing them bolt across the playground just to hug you after a six-hour separation.

That separation from immediate family members is something that has shifted to separation from friends, classmates, and teachers, and life as we knew it. Now, we have a new normal of life, between the four walls of our home.

The silver lining is that I've been on the receiving end of an amazing new hair extension, made out of a couple of fluorescent pipe cleaners by my crafty daughter. Check out this beauty...

I've always been a fan of crafts, but I think my love for them is slowly dwindling. There is only so much color-by-numbers, painting rocks, and making animal masks with pipe cleaners that I can handle. Our house has transformed into a crafter's dream, every surface filled with layers of supplies, from fabric markers to washi tape. Start a new project, make a mess, pick up, start a new project, make a mess, pick up. It's the new lyrics to our days.

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