Book Clubs & Free Reads

I get it...a lot of times book clubs are about a chance to get out with friends while snacking on treats and sipping on wine, while maybe throwing in about five minutes of "book talk." I'm in a book club, I GET IT! So, who really wants an author there to ruin the fun? I'm here to tell you that I can be fun-whether it's chatting about books (any books, not just mine), life or snacks. I'm willing to travel to meet my readers, but we can always have a Skype and treats included. ;) 


Want a FREE book in exchange for an honest review? 

I love meeting readers, especially those who are so passionate about books that they consistently share their feedback with others.


If you would like a free copy of any of my books, they are yours for the taking, as long as you are willing to provide an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. 

To "book" a book club meeting (no pun intended), click here.