Zealous. Honest. Eccentric. Brave. Fun. Energetic


When I asked my best friend and manager if she could describe me in six words, these are the one's that she chose. The fact that I had to ask someone to describe me in order for me to describe myself, hints to another secret about me...I'm a major introvert! Yes, while the words say otherwise and my outer persona begs to differ...I'm not very comfortable talking about myself. Maybe that is why I write stories about made up worlds or spend my days interviewing others. 

The truth is that words are my world. So much so that from the urging of my brother...I've created "The Katicionary." For as long as I was able to speak, I've created unique words to express myself-nicknames for friends and family, descriptive words that aren't actually dictionary-defined words, but instead have come to being known as those listed in the Katicionary. If you stick around, I'll share some of those with you in my blog entries. Here's a teaser...

Buge: eating a lot of food at one time. ruthlessly snacking. 
Ex: "That girl can buge!" (often spoken of my daughter's ferocious appetite).

In keeping up with true biography fashion,
I'll also share a few more things about me...


  • I'm an Air Force veteran. I always feel the need to put this first because it's the one thing in life that I did that still surprises me. 


  • I love to exercise. I'd prefer to walk anywhere than drive and often challenge myself to see how many steps I can get in a day.If I go more than one day without getting some form of exercise in, I get antsy and moody and miserable. Ask my husband. 


  • I feel ridiculously lucky. I've been blessed with an amazing family and friends, a love of health and fitness which has allowed me to live a healthy, energetic life. And I spend my working hours writing for both fictional and factual publications.Life doesn't get better. 


  • I'm horrible with directions. Maps don't make sense in my mind. I can describe a person's face including every precise detail, but I couldn't tell you what streets lead to where. 


  • I enjoy being a mother far more than I ever thought I would. Through all of the hard work that goes into parenting, the overall joy is worth every tantrum, every minute of lost sleep and every drop in the bank account. 


  • I'm SUPER silly. In fact I'm surprised my friend didn't include that word when describing me. I guess she was being nice. ;) I make up crazy, off-the-wall dance moves and I have a slightly odd obsession with reptiles and furry animals. I call them creatures. I'd rather spend a day searching for frogs and turtles over dining in a five-star restaurant.